BlueAccess lanserar en öppen plattform där appar, olika mobila betallösningar och terminalleverantörer kan samexistera och arbeta tillsammans


BlueAccess has developed a cutting-edge solution for payments and loyalty apps working on all mobile phones including iPhone. Customers do not need to unlock their mobile phones and the transaction takes less than 3 seconds from start to finish. Everything the customer needs to know will be shown and can be managed on the mobile´s locked screen. Now the Company launches another key solution – the BlueAccess App and POS Manager.

Stockholm, June 15, 2017. BlueAccess now takes the next step in the mobile in-store journey and launches the BlueAccess App and POS Manager, making all players in the mobile eco-system coexist and enabling them to work together. As stores now begin to accept various mobile payment solutions and apps, a platform must be in place to aid merchants in the frictionless management of the various transactions and avoid hassle for the customer. But just as it is important to take care of the transactions between payments, merchants and loyalty apps, it is equally important to take care of the various terminal hardware vendors in an open and neutral way.

– As mobile payments is getting more and more traction there is an increased need for a solution in how to make all players in the mobile eco system interact and coexist. We are therefore very proud to have developed BlueAccess App and POS Manager, a standard solution which is open to any merchant, mobile payment service and payment terminal vendor says Niklas Magnusson CEO of BlueAccess.

From the merchants point of view, the customer’s ID is essential in order to identify the customer, to give loyalty points and present tailor-made solutions. There is also a great need to present the different payment methods on the mobile that merchants can accept and customers can choose between. The new platform makes it easy to accept different payment, receipt, loyalty and ID apps and allows them to communicate with each other simultaneously, such as when verifying the age of the customers for certain purchases. The system also makes it possible for merchants to use hardware for mobile payments from different vendors. In order to get the function, the BlueAccess software has to be integrated in the app and the in-store payment system, which takes less than a day.

– There is a great need for a standard platform to make it easier for customers to pay using Swish, Vipps, Siirto regardless of which country in the Nordics you are. BlueAccess App and POS Manager solves the problem with the interoperability between different vendors and apps and could serve as a Nordic standard, continues Niklas Magnusson.

The patent pending and secure solution is based on Bluetooth which connects after the first item is scanned at the cashier and stays connected until the purchase has been completed. Any bonus points, vouchers and digital receipts are dealt with at the same time. The technical solution even makes it possible to follow the customer’s in-store journey in real-time, enabling the transfer of information or offers based on the customer’s position within the store.

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Niklas Magnusson, CEO, +46 73 574 2810
Jarl Klang, Director Sales & Marketing, +46 70 8 34 35 34

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BlueAccess AB is a Swedish hi-tech company with the goal to make a significant impact within the payment area by making it easier for companies and their customers to effectively use a mobile phone to make payments and related services simply, quickly and securely. Prioritised sectors are retail, transport, restaurants and events. Customers do not need to unlock their phones to use the service nor do they need any own internet coverage. The solution works today with all mobile phones. Read more at