New technology that makes mobile payments fast, secure and very convenient

– The World´s fastest mobile in-store checkout

BlueAccess AB, a Swedish high-tech company, has developed a system that helps, in an entirely new way, businesses to let customers use their mobile phone to make payments in shops, quickly and easily. Bonus points, special offers and related services are handled in the same moment. The patent-pending technology makes it easy for the customer to just “Tap & Go” to pay.

The mobile phone is used just as it comes out of your pocket or bag, locked with unlit display and without opening an app or scanning codes. When the Customer taps towards the reader, all information the customer needs is shown directly on the locked screen. If a pin code or fingerprint is required, or the customer is entitled to any discount or has coupons, this will also be shown. Simplicity and speed for the customer, combined with highly secure transactions, give a superior customer experience. The technology is suitable for many applications but is especially appropriate for those where high security, in combination with fast transactions, is important.

The system can be easily supplemented with features such as digital receipts, as well as management of coupons, vouchers and loyalty programs. Blue Access can also be used in a system with several connected readers in a store to allow self-scanning, to send information or offers, or to record customer behaviour and gather statistics for business development and optimisation.

Technically, BlueAccess software is installed on the merchants existing app or payment app, and a BlueAccess reader or technology is implemented in the existing card payment terminal at the cashier. This enables a fast and secure channel for communication between the customer’s mobile and the shop´s cashier or back-end, to be used for different electronical services. BlueAccess’ patent-pending solution makes sure that the correct mobile is always paired to the corresponding cashier, which guarantees that no purchases or money-transfers go wrong.

Payments, customer ID, bonus points, special offers and electronical receipts are all dealt with simultaneously in the process. The cashier reads the apps that exist on the customer´s phone. The apps that can be read are those with which the merchant has an agreement. This makes it possible to easily know who the customer is and, for example, give a discount and make verification of age when needed.  The whole purchasing process takes less than 3 seconds.

Already today, the customer, with their iPhone or Android smartphone and with the help of BlueAccess, can easily execute payment transactions without hassle. The technology makes use of, amongst other things, Bluetooth, requires no accessories and works even if there is no network (3G/4G) coverage at the point of sale, or onboard the bus. The technology is very similar to Apple’s new payment solution Apple Pay but communicates without the NFC chip, which some iPhones are now equipped with.

  • User-friendly system where the customer does not need to unlock their phone or scan codes to use the services
  • The specific information the customer needs is showed directly on the locked screen
  • Bidirectional transactions allow loyalty programs, coupons, and discounts to be quickly and easily managed directly on the phone
  • The cashier can read and interact with all the apps on the customer’s phone, with which the merchant has an agreement
  • The receipt for the purchase is sent directly to the phone
  • The customer’s phone needs no own internet connection or NFC functionality, it can be used directly without any adapters or other accessories
  • Banking security throughout the whole process
  • The system works already with 95% of smartphones on the market, such as iPhone and Android
  • No card or personal data is stored in the system,
  • More convenient, secure and faster than system based on QR-codes
  • Robust and cost-effective